Upholstery Design Services:

Custom upholstery design minus the custom price

We provide cutting-edge upholstery design fueled by innovative, professional upholsterers.

We create truly gorgeous, luxurious, yet affordable furniture by interacting with you via phone and email. The quality of our furniture rivals those designed by way of traditional on-site upholstery design, but at a fraction of the price of traditional upholstery services.

We love that! It allows us to work with you regardless of where you live, what your budget is or what your timeline is. You get to set all the boundaries. In-home visits are optional, but rarely required. We get to design a lot of furniture. When you do something a lot, you get pretty good at it. We're with you every step of the way, from your initial phone consultation to a furniture design question you might need answered a decade later. Your upholstery design will be your style. Your palette. Your custom furniture.

Whether you select one of our furniture design styles or ask us to discover your unique style, it's all created exclusively for you. We can help you narrow down your color palette or design a palette based on your favorites. You're not satisfied with cookie-cutter online furniture design solutions and neither are we. So imagine; no mistakes, no more wasted hours and no misspent dollars.

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